Friday, 23 December 2011

Drink Parasol

It's Christmas time and I'm on my holiday by a beach, so this craft project look about right to share with you all! ... Enjoy ♥ 

Craft project via

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Chiang Mai, Thailand

One of a highlight on my holiday trip in Chiang mai is 'Sunday walking street' where I found lots of handmade crafts and old-fashion produces which hard to find nowadays! I've decided to spend 2 weeks here so I can visit the Sunday walking street twice, just to make sure I'm not missed anything.

I set off early while sellers were setting up their stalls because I love to see their preparation. This seller in particular had catch my attention as what she sells are local produces and I haven't seen them for a very long time.

The blue flower is 'Un-chun flower' (ดอกอัญชัน) one of Thai flower/herbs [click here for more info of un-chun flower]
At the front are 'Ma-kok' (vegetable) the local use and mix in 'Som tum' (papaya salad)

I love to see she used banana leaves as packaging. It looks great as I remember when I was young and it's good for environment too.  This presentation inspired me to use the local leaves in UK as vase or tray to display my flowers.

This flower is called 'Ka-dung-gha' (ดอกกระดังงา) their fragrance are amazing lovely, soft and delicate.
She also use banana leaves in cone shape to display the flowers, so lovely.  And only cost 5 Baht (10p) a very good natural fragrance to cheer up the room, don't you think?

More local crafts is coming soon!! see you next post ;)

Sunday, 4 December 2011


This lovely patch work tablecloth is a finishing touch to this dining room. I love that fireplace and the balance of the room design ;) 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Craft Tutorial : Washi tape bunting

Sunday morning with a cup of earl grey while browsing through my favourite blog for new idea of crafting is one of my favourite hobby. 

Today I start my day with decor8 and I am fell in love with Rie Elise Larsen's work, especially her quick and easy tutorials of x'mas decor, loving it. Here is the link, hope you like it too!

Check out her work here Rie Elise Larsen ;)

Friday, 25 November 2011

Pom Pom Project : With Neon Colour

One of my favourite blog, has post Lisa Grue work on her blog. These bright/neon tone pom pom are so lovely.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Silver + Blue for X'mas

I'm a fan and subscription to Livingetc. I always looking forward to see what cool ideas that I can use and decorate my home.  And for this particular season - Christmas, the silver + blue decoration theme sound very chic to me and perhaps I can add my blue pom poms to my decoration too.

You can hang 'Blue Pom Pom' to add more chic to your decoration ♥ 

Friday, 30 September 2011

Scarf + Pom Pom

I'm a fan of Purlbee, there are so many craft projects to choose from. This one in particular catch my eys because Pom Pom trim edge, of course! 

Perhaps an inspiration for you to add Chic-edge to your scarf?

So simple and it looks for Chic ♥ 

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Inspired by Lu Gastal

I have come across Lu Gastal (Portuguese blog) when I was browsing on Pinterest. First interest was toward the pom pom  trim that hang around The Cat door stop and the image itself.  Then the more I read (thanks to google translate) the more colourful interesting things I found, what a treat! So, Lu Gastal, You are now one of my favourite blog. 

Image from Lu Gastal
In this image (Lu Gastal), I love that 'Sewing machine' wire. Love it!
Check it out yourself. Bare in mind that you have plenty of free time to read, you'll get hook so easily, I am.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Pom Pom Lantern

Thinking of decorating your home? These flower lamp and Pom Pom lantern projects are so easy to make. I found this tutorial via Pinterest (original posted from Crafty Nest) I will definitely try with my paper lamp shade at home.

Need Pom Pom to start the project? Click here ; White Pom Pom Trim or other lovely colour? visit my shop > Thisisjoon Etsy Shop

A place for Chic supplies and Handmade crafts

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pink ribbon gift wrap

Tonight I saw a {how-to} wrap ribbon, something that sound simple but I can't manage to make it perfect yet and here the pictures tutorial surely help to improves my know-how!!

The perfect ribbon

I discovered these images tutorial via pinterest and their original post from

- - enjoy - -

X'mas Decoration

Thinking of how to decoration your Christmas tree/home ♥ Check this out>

{image via Pinterest/ original from Messy Jesse Flickr (visit her blog at

Japanese Craft Book

Colour cute crochet ♥ Japanese craft book from pomadour24
I love craft books from this Etsy shop, Everything look so cute!

I can't crochet but it makes me wanna learn how to chochet now!!

So lovely!!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What is your favourite colour?

I'm a big fan of colour and this 'Colour chart' that I found on Pinterest is great fun.  Think you might like it too ♥ 1) Pick which colour you like it most!/ 2) Then read the explanation - Are they match? 

Monday, 5 September 2011

Style your bag with Pom Pom

I found another lovely {Pom Pom Project ♥} from late night browsing on Etsy, This image is from Pomadour24 shop (I have bought few book from her, lovely seller).

If you fancy to add Pom Pom Trim to your bag, accessories and etc, Thisisjoon Etsy Shop have 38 fabulous colours of Pom Pom to choose from!! 

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Poncho Pom Pom

These lovely Children-Poncho from Periponchos are so adorable. 
Want to add a lovely touch of Pom Pom to your children's clothes ;)

Birdy appertizer pick set is now available

Having a good Sunday everyone? I hope you do enjoy your weekend. My Little White Bird Pick sets are now available on my Thisisjoon Etsy Shop!! Give your Food, Canapé, Cake, Cupcake, Martini at your Party ~ Wedding ~ Home decoration a cute Wow with this ~ ♥ Little White Bird Pick Set ♥ ~ {Set of 10}  They can be reuse simply by just replacing the toothpick ♥ 

Each of these white bird measures - W1cmxD3cmxH2cm, length approx 8cm. The lovely white bird made from cotton+foam+feather. Contact me if you should need a larger quantity ♥ Visit Thisisjoon Etsy Shop for more Chic supplies! Thank you for visit Thisisjoon ♥
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