Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Chiang Mai, Thailand

One of a highlight on my holiday trip in Chiang mai is 'Sunday walking street' where I found lots of handmade crafts and old-fashion produces which hard to find nowadays! I've decided to spend 2 weeks here so I can visit the Sunday walking street twice, just to make sure I'm not missed anything.

I set off early while sellers were setting up their stalls because I love to see their preparation. This seller in particular had catch my attention as what she sells are local produces and I haven't seen them for a very long time.

The blue flower is 'Un-chun flower' (ดอกอัญชัน) one of Thai flower/herbs [click here for more info of un-chun flower]
At the front are 'Ma-kok' (vegetable) the local use and mix in 'Som tum' (papaya salad)

I love to see she used banana leaves as packaging. It looks great as I remember when I was young and it's good for environment too.  This presentation inspired me to use the local leaves in UK as vase or tray to display my flowers.

This flower is called 'Ka-dung-gha' (ดอกกระดังงา) their fragrance are amazing lovely, soft and delicate.
She also use banana leaves in cone shape to display the flowers, so lovely.  And only cost 5 Baht (10p) a very good natural fragrance to cheer up the room, don't you think?

More local crafts is coming soon!! see you next post ;)

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