Sunday, 17 April 2011

Newbie for Photography

The hardest part for me when I start my 'Thisisjoon' shop on Etsy is making the picture look good and got it right (>''<) I never take serious photograph before - just point and shot on my holiday trip.

I read lots of articles (more than I have ever read (in English) in my life). Lots of tips around so I decided to give it a go.  The picture above was my first attempt  (- -') I told myself it was OK but I can't get the colour right! What you see in blue pom pom - well, it's actually teal colour.

How do I fixed it?!? well, it's involve a lot of reading and tried and fixed. So my problem was lighting - I got it wrong. I stop shooting with light bulb and work on day light only. The result was better then it was before.

The image below - as you can see - I managed to get a better colour tone. This time is Teal rather than blue (^^)

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