Sunday, 1 January 2012

D.I.Y Paper Bowls

Start off The Dragon year of 2012 with a lovely DIY Paper Bowls Project! This picture is so stand out that I've to click and find out the details. I plan to make few to use on my dining table ♥ 

(via Scandinaviandeko on Pinterest) 
Materials: Paper, Wallpaper paste, Round plastic bowl

To do this:
1. Prepare the wallpaper paste.
2. Turn the plastic bowl upside down. Apply the paste and paper alternately. Place the paper tightly on the bowl. A few layers of paper is enough. Leave the edge uneven.
3. The paperbowl dries and comes off of the plastic bowl by itself.
4. Use the bowls for dry food only. If the food is warm or greasy, add a piece of baking paper inside the bowl.

Hope you enjoy this project,
Joon ♥ 

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