Thursday, 30 August 2012

BabyBear Nursery

BabyBear Nursery
Hi, I have latest update on my BabyBear's nursery to share with you.  It's not finish yet, by the way! there are a lot more decoration I want to add into it but at least the main furniture are in place :cot/ armchair/ shelves to store baby clothes and their stuffs and I use my working desk double as a changing station.  I heard that when baby starts to wiggling around or move it will be safer to change their nappy on the floor.

The room is painted in all white, an attempted to make it looks as big as possible, (It's a very small room unfortunately, half nursery / half my mini-office).  Also we don't know it's a boy or girl? so I try to keep it neutral as possible and add accent colours into it when baby is born. Right now I think white-grey-orange are good for any gender.  And also few curtains need to add to cover shelves and the nooks next to chimney to hind my office from sight.  I will have more picture to show when I have done it.

Thanks for pop in xx

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